Young driver car insurance: drive young!

HEYME car insurance

You just got your license and you want to take full advantage of it! Ok, but before hitting the road, there is one last step: find car insurance to cover you in all circumstances and at suitable rates.

Young driver car insurance, the obstacle course?

For insurers, a young driver is:

  • a motorist who has held a driving license for less than 3 years;
  • a person who has never taken out car insurance;
  • a driver whose driving license has been canceled and who is obliged to retake it in full.

The insurer considers the young driver as a “risk profile”. As a result, an additional premium limited to 100% of the base rate is automatically applied.

After each year of insurance without claims involving the driver’s liability, the amount of the additional premium is reduced by half: 100% during the first year, 50% during the second and 25% during the third.

The insurer sets the amount of the auto insurance contract according to the vehicle to be insured.

By opting for a low-power used car, the amount of insurance will be low.

HEYME car insurance

HEYME, the insurance that trusts young drivers!

With HEYMEyou do not have to have hours of driving on the clock to benefit from young driver car insurance that meets all your expectations.

HEYME offers you a new offer at competitive prices which will allow you to benefit from several advantages:

  • the possibility of increasing the driver’s body cover up to €500,000;
  • assistance that adapts to your needs: excess 50 km or 0 km with or without replacement vehicle whatever the formula;
  • the possibility of reducing the premium up to €130 each year (capped at €110 on the 1time year) ;
  • a preventive insurance offer with personalized coaching;
  • a point recovery course.

You have the choice between different formulas according to your needs: Contact, Contact +, Comfort and Serenity.

These formulas contain the basic guarantees, namely:

  • civil liability, which will allow you to be covered for any material or bodily damage inflicted on a third party during a responsible claim;
  • the criminal defense and recourse guarantee which will cover the costs of defense or recourse following an accident and in the event of a dispute.

You will be able to benefit from other guarantees such as: damage to the vehicle, which will cover damage caused to the latter (breakage of windows, natural disasters, fire, theft, etc.), driver protection guarantee which will cover the bodily injury suffered, regardless of your responsibility for the accident.

To complete the coverage of your vehicle, you can subscribe to extended warranties which include various assistance services such as: a replacement vehicle, breakdown assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident and the “vehicle contents” warranty which intervenes in the event of damage or disappearance of personal effects inside your car.

You will be able to benefit from an immediate discount of up to 15% on your new car insurance contract with the “digital 3D” service. To do this, take shots of the 4 sides of your vehicle with your smartphone and send them to the “Assuronline” application, attaching your information statement, your driving license and your car registration document.

With HEYME, you can freely modulate your young driver insurance while benefiting from the best guarantees at suitable prices!

And as good news never comes alone, HEYME offers 1 car license and 10 Premium highway codes through its contest. For more information, don’t hesitate to click here!

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