Young graduates: how to successfully enter working life?

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In passing from the status of student to that of young graduate, a large majority of young people find themselves confronted with the harsh reality of job search. It is no longer a question of summer jobs or observation internships but of planning your professional career.

Spontaneous applications, job forums, professional networks… Here are some tips to optimize your chances of recruitment and at the same time to facilitate your integration into working life as a young graduate.

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International Volunteering in Business (VIE)

Introduced in France since the 2000s, international volunteering in business (VIE) is a system that allows young graduates from the European Union or the European Economic Area aged 18 to 28 to take part in a mission. professional.

By integrating a French company abroad, a foreign company having a partnership agreement with a French company or a foreign organization cooperating with France, you will be entrusted with several missions throughout the duration of your contract (6 to 12 months), renewable once. The VIE must include a minimum of 183 days of activities per year abroad.

You can search for missions on the website of the international volunteering information center (Civi) by directly contacting an approved Business France company or simply on the website of employment center.

When you commit to a VIE, you receive a remuneration called “Industrial Maintenance Indemnities” (IFE), regardless of the host country, the integrated company or the type of mission carried out. This non-taxable aid estimated at €723.99 per month in 2021 is supplemented by a geographical allowance depending on the country where your mission takes place.

The VIE can be a career accelerator, since it allows you to develop your soft skills, your language skills and allows you to access positions of responsibility at the end of the program if you get hired.

Graduate Program

Also known as “Trainee Programs”, the “graduate program” is an integration course that is increasingly popular with young French people. Created by companies, this system makes it possible to integrate young graduates with high potential who can eventually occupy senior executive positions within these same companies.

This specific program offers follow-up and supervision for a period ranging from 2 to 5 years and during which you can hold different positions in France and abroad. This system also includes coaching sessions, meetings with managers as well as several training courses, both practical and theoretical.

The recruitment process in place is quite complex, it includes several tests and interviews and the pre-selection of candidates is carried out on resume and cover letter.

The “graduate program”, allows you to acquire all the skills necessary to covet a future position as a manager or executive and to meet all the professional challenges set.

Specialized firm

In order to facilitate your integration into working life as a young graduate, you can also obtain information from a specialized firm. Thanks to their sourcing and selection methods, the connection between companies and candidates is simplified according to the specific needs of each.

With the expertise of a professional integration counsellor, you can improve your CV and showcase yourself during your job interviews. It can also serve as a guide by preventing you from applying for all kinds of job offers that do not match your profile.

Talking to an advisor regularly is an opportunity to build up your self-confidence, to set up your professional career project while enjoying good visibility.

Unsolicited applications

Taking the lead in offering your services is the principle of spontaneous application. Unlike traditional job offers, this method allows you to differentiate yourself and personalize your application while maximizing your chances of recruitment.

But before being able to canvass companies, you have to take the time to find out about their activities, the profiles they recruit, the administration responsible for human resources and the recruitment methodology used. A global vision of the company makes it possible to submit a tailor-made application.

In addition to taking care of your CV and attaching a personalized cover letter that highlights your qualities (soft skills) and your skills (hard skills), a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers will definitively support your application. .

And if ever your application remains unanswered, do not hesitate to follow up with the person or department concerned. Showing persistence is the best way to prove your motivation and it will prevent you from being left in the dark no matter what the answer.

Surroundings and loved ones

In most cases, you want to place people you trust in certain key positions. As a young graduate, do not hesitate to seize this opportunity by sending your curriculum vitae to your relatives and acquaintances.

The opportunity to climb the ladder and acquire as much experience as possible, while evolving in a stable environment conducive to your professional and personal development.

Another possibility is to ask for the expertise of a mentor by getting information from associations that offer a tutoring system for young graduates. The advisers of Professional Integration Assistance Offices (BAIP) can be of great help. They undertake to share all current job offers with students and also offer individual interviews in order to target candidates’ areas for improvement.

This is also the case of theAPECwhich accompanies young graduates through collective workshops that make it possible to make job search fruitful through different plans so that candidates gain visibility.

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