Zelensky in Bakhmout, delivery of weapons by France in early 2023… Update on the situation in Ukraine

War in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky travels to Bakhmout, on the front line of the conflict

War in Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky travels to Bakhmout on the

Zelensky in Bakhmout. The Ukrainian president therefore went on Tuesday to Bakhmout (southeast), the hottest point on the front. This surprise visit, considered the riskiest of all his trips, appears to be a challenge to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin who, at the same time, was presenting decorations in the Kremlin to pro-Russian soldiers and separatist leaders in the east of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky met military personnel and spoke with them: “Here in the Donbass you are protecting the whole of Ukraine. It’s not just Bakhmout, it’s the Bakhmout fortress”, he threw at them. This town has been ravaged since the summer due to intense fighting with Russian forces trying to take it.

“Extremely difficult” military situation. Vladimir Putin, for his part, appeared on television on Tuesday presenting decorations inside the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow to soldiers and pro-Russian separatist leaders from eastern Ukraine. “Our country has repeatedly faced challenges and defended its sovereignty. Today, Russia is again facing the same challenge,” did he declare. He also admitted that the situation was “extremely difficult” in the four regions of southern and eastern Ukraine which Moscow claims to annex without having entirely conquered them.

An attack from Belarus? A high-ranking officer in the Ukrainian army, General Sergey Nayev, claimed to see a “increased threat level” of a potential Russian attack from neighboring Belarus, as was the case in the early days of the conflict. Vladimir Putin went there on Monday to Belarus to meet with his ally, President Alexander Lukashenko. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, however, played down the importance of this meeting.

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