Zelensky in Washington, new Russian military objectives… an update on the situation in Ukraine

VIDEO - Ukraine: Zelensky meets Biden at the White House: the first images of a historic visit

VIDEO Ukraine Zelensky meets Biden at the White House

BIDEN REAFFIRMS US SUPPORT. The American president took advantage of the visit of his Ukrainian counterpart to promise him to “continue to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself”and assure the Ukrainians that they would not be “never alone” against Russia. The United States, which will help kyiv “as long as it takes”, have notably announced that they will supply Ukraine with their sophisticated Patriot air defense system. In response, President Zelensky expressed his “gratitude from the bottom of my heart“for this American support, which amounts to tens of billions of dollars in the military field alone.

PUTIN WANTS TO STRENGTHEN HIS FIGHTING CAPABILITIES. The Russian president meanwhile announced in front of high-ranking officers of his army that he wanted to continue to develop Russia’s military potential, including the “combat readiness” of its nuclear forces. The Russian armed forces and their combat capabilities “are constantly increasing and every day. And this process, of course, we will develop it”, he assured. Vladimir Putin also announced the entry into service “early January” new Russian Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, which belong to the new family of armaments developed in recent years by Moscow.

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