Zelensky’s visit to Washington: Russia denounces an “indirect war” led by the United States

Zelensky's visit to Washington: Russia denounces an "indirect war" led by the United States

Zelenskys visit to Washington Russia denounces an indirect war led

According to the Kremlin, during this visit there was no “genuine calls for peace” or of “warnings” letters addressed to Volodymyr Zelensky against “continued shelling of residential buildings in populated areas of Donbass”a separatist region regularly targeted by Ukrainian forces. “It shows that the United States is continuing its de facto and indirect line of war with Russia, to the last Ukrainian”he added.

On Wednesday, the day of the visit of the former comedian across the Atlantic, the Kremlin had already warned against new deliveries of American weapons to Ukraine, which will only have the effect of“aggravate” the dispute.

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