“Zero-Covid” in China: the travel tracking application will be withdrawn

"Zero-Covid" in China: the travel tracking application will be withdrawn

Zero Covid in China the travel tracking application will be withdrawn

It is a new symbol of the exit from the zero-Covid strategy. China announced on Monday, December 12, the withdrawal of the application used to trace the movements of residents and ensure that they were not in an area affected by Covid-19. Called “Travel map”, this tool, placed under the responsibility of the central government, will be deactivated from Tuesday, more than two years after its launch, according to an official press release.

The application was based on the telephone signal and allowed its users to prove to their interlocutor (hotel, office building, etc.) the places in which they had been during the last seven days. If none of these were placed at “high risk”, the application displayed a green arrow, synonymous with authorized passage. The move comes less than a week after China announced a sudden and drastic easing of its “zero Covid” policy. On Wednesday, she notably announced the end of large-scale confinements and the end of the systematic placements of people who tested positive in quarantine centers, decried establishments, with very variable comfort.

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